[ poo sh-er ]
/ ˈpʊʃ ər /


a person or thing that pushes.
Slang. a peddler of illegal drugs.
Aeronautics. an airplane that is driven by pusher propellers.
Nautical. one of the masts abaft the mizzen on a sailing vessel having more than three masts, either the sixth or seventh from forward.Compare driver(def 10b), spanker(def 1b).
Railroads. a helper attached to the rear of a train, usually to provide extra power for climbing a steep grade.

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Origin of pusher

First recorded in 1585–95; push + -er1

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British Dictionary definitions for pusher


/ (ˈpʊʃə) /


informal a person who sells illegal drugs, esp narcotics such as heroin and morphine
informal an actively or aggressively ambitious person
  1. a type of aircraft propeller placed behind the engine
  2. a type of aircraft using such a propeller
a person or thing that pushes
British a rakelike implement used by small children to push food onto a spoon
Australian the usual name for pushchair
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Word Origin and History for pusher



1590s in a literal sense, agent noun from push (v.). Meaning "peddler of illegal drugs" (1935 in prison slang) is from the verb in the "promote" sense.

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