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/ ˌriːəˈreɪndʒ /


  1. to put (something) into a new order

    to rearrange the lighting

  2. to put (something) back in its original order after it has been displaced
  3. to fix a new date or time for (something postponed)

    to rearrange a match

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Derived Forms

  • ˌrearˈranger, noun
  • ˌrearˈrangement, noun

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Example Sentences

Is there any intervention that would do more than help to rearrange the rubble?

And so if the government could just get to the kitchen, rearrange some things, we could certainly party with the Haitians.

When Jackson asks if he can rearrange the seats before we start, she belts out sweetly: “Go nuts for cowboy butts!”

We rearrange our schedules so that we can spend more time catering to its every whim.

ARIES Incoming: You are bombarded with information now as plans change, rearrange, and caveats and amendments abound.

But it was a long time before he found any one who was willing to attempt to rearrange his scribbled thoughts.

This means not alone that he shall remember them all, but there is a more serious trouble: he must often rearrange them.

A reader creates nothing new; 77 all he does is to rearrange in his own mind the images already familiar.

Finally he had to stop, undo the bundle, and rearrange every article in it, before he could induce it to “carry” smoothly.

If it is found necessary to rearrange any of the fronds, it may be done by means of a wet camel-hair brush.





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