[ri-kur-uhnt, -kuhr-]


that recurs; occurring or appearing again, especially repeatedly or periodically.
Anatomy. turned back so as to run in a reverse direction, as a nerve, artery, branch, etc.

Origin of recurrent

1590–1600; < Latin recurrent- (stem of recurrēns), present participle of recurrere to run back, equivalent to recurr(ere) (see recur) + -ent- -ent
Related formsre·cur·rent·ly, adverbun·re·cur·rent, adjectiveun·re·cur·rent·ly, adverb

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happening or tending to happen again or repeatedly
anatomy (of certain nerves, branches of vessels, etc) turning back, so as to run in the opposite direction
Derived Formsrecurrently, adverbrecurrence, noun
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Word Origin and History for recurrent

1610s, from Middle French recurrent (16c.) and directly from Latin recurrentem (nominative recurrens), present participle of recurrere "run back, hasten back, return" (see recur). From 1590s as a noun ("recurrent muscle").

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Occurring or appearing again or repeatedly.
Turning in a reverse direction. Used of blood vessels and nerves.
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