[ seyf ]
/ seɪf /

adjective, saf·er, saf·est.


Informal. in a safe manner; safely: Learn how to drive safe.See Grammar note at adverb.


Idioms for safe

    play it safe, play(def 85).

Origin of safe

1250–1300; (adj.) Middle English sauf, saf < Anglo-French saf, Old French sauf < Latin salvus intact, whole; (noun) late Middle English save, orig. derivative of save1, assimilated to the adj.; cf. salvation


1 protected, sound, guarded. Safe, secure may both imply that something can be regarded as free from danger. These words are frequently interchangeable. Safe, however, is applied rather to a person or thing that is out of or has passed beyond the reach of danger: The ship is safe in port. Secure is applied to that about which there is no need to fear or worry: to feel secure about the future; The foundation of the house does not seem very secure.
4 sure, reliable.
5 wary, careful.
9 strongbox, coffer, chest, safe-deposit box.

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Example sentences from the Web for safeness

  • Certain weeds of the human bosom are prompt to flourish where safeness would seem to be guaranteed.

British Dictionary definitions for safeness

/ (seɪf) /



in a safe conditionthe children are safe in bed now
play safe to act in a way least likely to cause danger, controversy, or defeat


Derived forms of safe

safely, adverbsafeness, noun

Word Origin for safe

C13: from Old French salf, from Latin salvus; related to Latin salus safety
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