[ soh-tey, saw- ]
/ soʊˈteɪ, sɔ- /


cooked or browned in a pan containing a small quantity of butter, oil, or other fat.

verb (used with object), sau·téed [soh-teyd, saw-] /soʊˈteɪd, sɔ-/, sau·té·ing [soh-tey-ing, saw-] /soʊˈteɪ ɪŋ, sɔ-/.

to cook in a small amount of fat; pan-fry.


a dish of sautéed food.

Origin of sauté

1805–15; < French, past participle of sauter to jump (causative: to toss) < Latin saltāre, frequentative of salīre to jump Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for sauteed

  • The bones are removed and the meat is sliced, sauteed with spices, and then stewed with vegetables.

  • Cold roast or boiled legs may be similarly treated but only need to be sauteed in a pan with a little Antonini Olive Oil.

    Tempting Curry Dishes|Thomas J. Murrey

British Dictionary definitions for sauteed

/ (ˈsəʊteɪ) /

verb -tés, -téing, -téeing or -téed

to fry (food) quickly in a little fat


a dish of sautéed food, esp meat that is browned and then cooked in a sauce


sautéed until lightly brownsauté potatoes

Word Origin for sauté

C19: from French: tossed, from sauter to jump, from Latin saltāre to dance, from salīre to spring
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