sentimental value

  1. the value of an article in terms of its sentimental associations for a particular person

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How to use sentimental value in a sentence

  • Of course that must be it—the cross must have sentimental value.

  • The store asserts that it wants only its modest per cent on the cost of any article, no matter what its sentimental value may be.

    The Oriental Rug | William D. Ellwanger
  • To his passive yet poetical mind the ancient landmarks possess enchanting sentimental value.

    The Syrian Christ | Abraham Mitrie Rihbany
  • He discovered himself using little slang words that she used and attaching a sentimental value to those words.

    The Good Soldier | Ford Madox Ford
  • It was a present from Mr. Mitchel to me, and besides being very costly, I attach a sentimental value to it.

    An Artist in Crime | Rodrigues Ottolengui
  • The manufactured articles are worth very much more than the metal in them, to say nothing of the sentimental value.

    If Not Silver, What? | John W. Bookwalter