[ sahy-nee, sahy-nee ]


  1. a person who signs a document, register, etc.; signer; signatory:

    a signee of the Declaration of Independence.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of signee1

First recorded in 1950–55; sign + -ee

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Example Sentences

For years, he watched as older players went through the recruiting cycle, progressing from prospect to commit to signee.

The signees in this class have committed to Locksley’s vision and are drawn by the prospect of contributing to the effort of elevating the program.

If any paper is ever signed, it is confirmed by certain scratches or marks known to belong to so and so—the signee.


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More About Signee

What does signee mean?

A signee is a person who signs a document.

Signee is a formal way of saying signer. Not only is it used to refer to someone who signs a legal document, it’s also often found in those legal documents as part of the terms and conditions that are being spelled out. For that reason, it could be considered legalese (legal jargon).

Example: The delivery cannot be made until the signee is present to sign for the package.

Where does signee come from?

Signee is based on the word sign, from the Latin word signum, meaning “mark, signal, or image.” It is formed using the suffix -ee, which is used to form nouns referring to people doing or receiving an action. (You see it in words like attendee and parolee). The first recorded use of signee in English comes from the mid-1800s.

Anytime you sign something official (a mortgage, a license, a petition), you’re a signee. The word signer means the same thing, but signee gets used more often in formal and legal contexts. In contracts, you may see legal language explaining how the signee, by signing, agrees to certain conditions. Athletes signing a contract with a new team are often referred to this way: Cleveland is hoping to pick up a few signees in the off-season.

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How is signee used in real life?

Signee is most commonly used when talking about contracts. Athletes are often called signees when they officially sign with a team.



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