[ soi ]


  1. the soybean plant or its seeds:

    Soy is a major crop in Brazil.

  2. a product or products made from soybeans:

    I'm vegetarian, so my main source of protein is soy.

  3. Add about 2 tablespoons soy to the noodles.

  4. We use soy in our coffee instead of milk.


  1. made or derived from soybeans or soymilk:

    soy flour.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of soy1

First recorded in 1690–1700; perhaps via Dutch or New Latin soya, soja, from Japanese shōyu, earlier siau-yu, from Middle Chinese, equivalent to Chinese jìngyóu “soybean oil”

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Example Sentences

They’re different from old-school veggie burgers, which were just plant proteins like beans or soy in the shape of a small patty.

Fried dough sticks dunked in soy milk—records of which date back 1,000 years—remain a popular breakfast across the Middle Kingdom.

From Time

You know, those are soy beans — well, it’s edamame, it sounds fancy.

A soy protein powder will be good for building muscle and lean body mass.

Since similar processes have already won approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for products like Impossible Burgers, which are made from fermented soy protein, she hopes to face fewer regulatory hurdles than her competitors.

Given that the food they are served uses soy waste as a staple and is almost universally disgusting, convicts turn into cooks.

However, apart from the poultry, which is of the lowest FDA grade, soy protein plays a role in everything served.

Exports—ranging from soy, flowers, copper, and iron ore to computers, appliances, and jets—have boomed.

Mix soy suace, sherry, and chicken broth in a cup; set aside.

Heat frying pan over medium heat, then add the broth/soy mixture.

Il avoit sa belle robe soubs soy (car c'estoit en est), et se preparoit sa harangue funebre.

Hidalgo catolico soy, de hacienda in Ynglatierra, y muchos años de mi vida he pasado en caminar.

The great money crop is the soy bean, and the lower picture shows miles of beans and bean-cake awaiting shipment at Changchun.

Ne donnoit point d'argent pour soy faire mettre ès croniques.

If a gain was scored the count was kept by placing little sticks or stones (soy-yee-kuh) in the holes as counters.





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