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  1. a person employed to remove spots from clothing, especially at a dry-cleaning establishment.
  2. (in civil defense) a civilian who watches for enemy airplanes.
  3. Informal. a person employed to watch the activity and behavior of others, especially employees, as for evidence of dishonesty.
  4. Military. an observer at a forward position who singles out targets for gunners.
  5. a person or thing that spots.
  6. (in small-arms practice firing) a small black disk attached to the target to make more prominent the places where a bullet has hit.
  7. an assistant to a sportscaster who provides the names of the players chiefly involved in each play of a game, especially a football game.
  8. Gymnastics, Tumbling. a person who is stationed in the most effective place to guard against an injury to a performer in the act of executing a maneuver.
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Origin of spotter

First recorded in 1605–15; spot + -er1
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Related Words for spotter

sentry, detective, recruiter, investigator, agent, informer, mole, operative, radar, gumshoe, sleuth, caretaker, patrolman, warden, custodian, policeman, outlook, observance, scene, watcher

Examples from the Web for spotter

Historical Examples of spotter

  • The spotter has to be the sort of man these ladies like, or else the Government will change his spots.


    Julian Street

  • The Yankee spotter was in the treasure house of Ranch Robin.

  • "Yes, you," said the spotter, scowling at the weak outlines of Croly's countenance.

  • Alfabet was the only species of lizard on the pay roll—he was the West End spotter.

    Held for Orders

    Frank H. Spearman

  • You may be a spotter, for all I know, but I don't care a hang.

    The Wreckers

    Francis Lynde

British Dictionary definitions for spotter


    1. a person or thing that watches or observes
    2. (as modifier)a spotter plane
  1. a person who makes a hobby of watching for and noting numbers or types of trains, buses, etca train spotter
  2. military a person who orders or advises adjustment of fire on a target by observations
  3. a person, esp one engaged in civil defence, who watches for enemy aircraft
  4. US informal an employee assigned to spy on his colleagues in order to check on their honesty
  5. films
    1. a person who checks against irregularities and inconsistencies
    2. a person who searches for new material, performers, etc
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