[ suhb-dis-trikt ]
/ ˈsʌbˌdɪs trɪkt /
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a division of a district.
verb (used with object)
to divide into subdistricts.
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Origin of subdistrict

First recorded in 1810–20; sub- + district
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What is a subdistrict?

A subdistrict is a division of any geographic area referred to as a district.

A district and its subdistricts may be created to manage many different things. For example, a city may be divided into districts and subdistricts for the purposes of managing schools and sports, collecting taxes, and electing representatives at a city or state level.

To subdistrict is to divide a district into smaller areas that are all managed or run by that district, as in Our state now has so many soccer teams that it has had to subdistrict all its districts in order to manage games and create a championship series.

Example: The eastern-most subdistrict in the county is severely underfunded and lacks community support.

Where does subdistrict come from?

The first records of the term subdistrict come from around the 1810s. It combines the prefix sub-,  meaning “secondary,” and district, meaning “a division of a geographic region marked off in order to manage or run it.”

Any organization or organizing body that conducts operations in terms of districts can have subdistricts that serve various purposes. A common example of this is public schooling and education, which operates within school districts. In places with higher populations that feature several elementary or high schools, the districts are sometimes broken up into subdistricts to better organize and manage staff and resources.

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How is subdistrict used in real life?

Subdistrict is commonly used to refer to official areas within a district.

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Is subdistrict used correctly in the following sentence?

The city will subdistrict its schools to better organize staff and resources.

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British Dictionary definitions for subdistrict

/ (ˈsʌbˌdɪstrɪkt) /

  1. a smaller part of a larger area marked off for administrative or other purposes
  2. (as modifier)subdistrict regional police
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