or synch

[ singk ]
/ sɪŋk /
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noun (used esp. in the phrases in sync and out of sync)
synchronization: The picture and the soundtrack were out of sync.
harmony or harmonious relationship: Management wants to be in sync with the client's wishes.
verb (used with or without object)
to synchronize; harmonize.
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Origin of sync

First recorded in 1930–35; shortened form
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What does sync mean?

Sync means to cause to move or operate at the same time, as in My phone synced with my wireless earbuds, and now I can listen to music on my phone.

Sync also means to occur at the same time or rate, as in The train and bus schedules sync up so that passengers can catch the bus when they arrive at the train station.

Sync also describes the state of being in harmony or the relationship between two things that run at the same time, as in Felix gets frustrated when the video and audio are out of sync.

Sync is a shortened form of synchronization and can be spelled synch.

Example: Sync the headphones with the system and then give it a listen.

Where does sync come from?

The first records of the term sync are from the 1930s. It is a shortened form of synchronization, meaning “the act of indicating the same time or same status.”

One of the most common uses of sync is in the phrase out of sync to describe two or more items that are not timed with each other, as in The controls are out of sync with the screen.

Sync can also describe things outside of technology, such as someone being in sync with someone else’s wishes or being in sync emotionally, that is, feeling the same way about something. Sync can also be used as a verb meaning “to connect or synchronize.”

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  • synch (alternative spelling)

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How is sync used in real life?

Sync is usually used to talk about technologies, although it can be used to talk about dealing with emotions or problems.



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Jada and Imani were in sync about the meeting, both feeling like it was a waste of time.

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an informal word for synchronize
an informal word for synchronizationin sync; out of sync See synchronization
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