[ tahr-div ]
/ ˈtɑr dɪv /
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appearing or tending to appear late, as in human development or in the treatment of a disease.
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Origin of tardive

1960–65; <French tardive, feminine of tardiftardy
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What does tardive mean?

Tardive describes something as tending to appear late, usually in reference to development or the progression of a disease. The symptoms or the disease itself occur late or on a delay.

Tardive symptoms and diseases usually appear years after the beginning of the actual disease. Tremors and tics are common symptoms that show up later and are described as tardive, for example

The most common use of tardive is in tardive dyskinesia. This is a disease that causes the body to involuntarily jerk, such as with a twisting of the head and neck or with facial expressions. Tardive dyskinesia is developed most often by taking antipsychotic medication for long periods of time. It’s called tardive dyskinesia because symptoms don’t tend to show up until the patient has been taking the medication for many years, and they may even appear after the person has stopped taking it.

Example: Martin’s doctor helped him manage the tardive tics caused by his antipsychotic medication.

Where does tardive come from?

The first records of the term tardive come from around the 1960s. It ultimately comes from the French term tardif, meaning “tardy.”

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How is tardive used in real life?

Tardive is most often used in relation to diseases whose symptoms seem to show up late.


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Tardive symptoms are symptoms that show up right away in a person.