verb (used with object)

to subject to a tariff.
to put a valuation on according to a tariff.

Origin of tariff

1585–95; earlier tariffa < Italian < Arabic taʿrīfah, derivative of ʿarrafa to make known
Related formstar·iff·less, adjectivepre·tar·iff, noun, adjectivepro·tar·iff, adjectivere·tar·iff, verb (used with object)
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duty, levy, excise, price, tax, rate, cost, toll, impost, assessment, charge, tab

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  1. a tax levied by a government on imports or occasionally exports for purposes of protection, support of the balance of payments, or the raising of revenue
  2. a system or list of such taxes
any schedule of prices, fees, fares, etc
mainly British
  1. a method of charging for the supply of services, esp public services, such as gas and electricityblock tariff
  2. a schedule of such charges
mainly British a bill of fare with prices listed; menu
British the level of punishment imposed for a criminal offence

verb (tr)

to set a tariff on
to set a price on according to a schedule of tariffs
Derived Formstariffless, adjective

Word Origin for tariff

C16: from Italian tariffa, from Arabic ta`rīfa to inform
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Word Origin and History for tariff

1590s, "arithmetical table," from Italian tariffa, Medieval Latin tarifa "list of prices, book of rates," from Arabic ta'rif "information, notification, inventory of fees to be paid," verbal noun from arafa "to make known." Meaning "official list of customs duties on imports or exports" is from 1590s; sense of "classified list of charges made in a business" is recorded from 1757.

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tariff in Culture


A government tax on imports, designed either to raise revenue or to protect domestic industry from foreign competition.

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