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  1. a person who tattles; telltale.
  2. either of two shorebirds of the genus Heteroscelus, having a loud, whistling cry.
  3. any of various related shorebirds having shrill cries, as the yellowlegs.
  4. a small bass, Serranus phoebe, of the West Indies and Florida.
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Origin of tattler

First recorded in 1540–50; tattle + -er1
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Related Words for tattler

gossipmonger, gossiper, tattletale, talebearer, telltale, snoop, rumormonger, informer, busybody, meddler, blabbermouth, chatterbox, parrot, tabby, taleteller, tattle, scandalmonger, babbler, flibbertigibbet, whisperer

Examples from the Web for tattler

Historical Examples of tattler

  • If there is anything I mortally abhor, it is a tattler and busybody.


    Effie Afton

  • Read the Tattler, as I do, and you'll see what sort of a man your young man is.

    The Business of Life

    Robert W. Chambers

  • "Crosbie always was a—tattler, but it's more than possible that he's right," he said.

    Long Odds

    Harold Bindloss

  • Wilson and King have a tattler too near to them; that's how it came out.

  • Which means, if it become known, I alone could be the tattler.

British Dictionary definitions for tattler


  1. a person who tattles; gossip
  2. any of several sandpipers of the genus Heteroscelus, such as H. incanus (Polynesian tattler), of Pacific coastal regions
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