[ tem-bler, -blawr; Spanish tem-blawr ]
/ ˈtɛm blər, -blɔr; Spanish tɛmˈblɔr /
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noun, plural tem·blors, Spanish tem·blo·res [tem-blaw-res]. /tɛmˈblɔ rɛs/.


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Origin of temblor

An Americanism first recorded in 1895–1900; from Spanish: literally, “a quaking,” equivalent to tembl(ar) “to quake” (perhaps ultimately from Latin timēre “to fear” and Late Latin tremulāre “to quake”) + -or noun suffix; see tremble, -or1
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What does temblor mean?

Temblor is another word for an earthquake or a tremor.

A temblor can also be called a trembler or a tremblor. These terms are all less commonly used than earthquake and tremor.

The plural of temblor is temblors, but temblores is also sometimes used as a plural (due to the fact that temblor came from Spanish and this is how it is pluralized in Spanish).

Example: The temblor that hit the area last month shook the whole city for more than a minute.

Where does temblor come from?

The first records of the word temblor in English come from the late 1800s. It was first and is primarily used in the U.S. It comes American Spanish, from the Spanish verb temblar, meaning “to tremble,” “to shake,” or “to quake.” It may ultimately derive from the Latin verb tremulāre, “to quake.” The word tremble also derives from this root.

Although temblor has the same meaning in both English and Spanish, its pronunciation is different. In Spanish, the emphasis is on the second syllable [ tem-BLOR ], while in English the first syllable is stressed [ TEM-blur ].

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What are some other forms related to temblor?

  • temblors (plural)
  • temblores (alternate plural)

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How is temblor used in real life?

Temblor is often used in news headlines, probably since it’s fewer letters than earthquake.



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Is temblor used correctly in the following sentence?

During the earthquake, the ground began to shake and temblor.

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British Dictionary definitions for temblor

/ (ˈtɛmblə, -blɔː) /

noun plural temblors or temblores (tɛmˈblɔːreɪz)
mainly US an earthquake or earth tremor

Word Origin for temblor

C19: American Spanish, from Spanish temblar to shake, tremble
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