[ noun tip-top; adjective tip-top, -top; adverb tip-top ]
/ noun ˈtɪpˌtɒp; adjective ˈtɪpˈtɒp, -ˌtɒp; adverb ˈtɪpˈtɒp /


the extreme top or summit.
Informal. the highest point or degree: the very tiptop of physical condition.
Chiefly British Informal. the highest social class.


situated at the very top.
Informal. of the highest quality; excellent: a tiptop meal.


in a tiptop manner; very well: It's shaping up tiptop.

Origin of tiptop

1695–1705; gradational compound; see tip1, top1
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/ (ˌtɪpˈtɒp) /

adjective, adverb

at the highest point of health, excellence, etc
at the topmost point


the best in quality
the topmost point
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