[ noun tip-top; adjective tip-top, -top; adverb tip-top ]
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  1. the extreme top or summit.

  2. Informal. the highest point or degree: the very tiptop of physical condition.

  1. Chiefly British Informal. the highest social class.

  1. situated at the very top.

  2. Informal. of the highest quality; excellent: a tiptop meal.

  1. in a tiptop manner; very well: It's shaping up tiptop.

Origin of tiptop

1695–1705; gradational compound; see tip1, top1

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How to use tiptop in a sentence

  • There is lots of nudity around and the performers are in tiptop shape but no erotic charge is intended and none is delivered.

    Marina Abramovic's Full-Frontal Art | Anthony Haden-Guest | March 18, 2010 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • "You are running it in staving, tiptop, first-class style," Clemens wrote to Bliss.

  • A little later the very tiptop of the mountain begins to show, floating like an island in an ocean of mist.

    The Boy Scouts of Bob's Hill | Charles Pierce Burton
  • The tiptop of aged trees usually is a dead snag, surrounded by living, up-curved side branches from the trunk.

    Your National Parks | Enos A. Mills
  • Bobby climbed to the tiptop of one of the great branches where he looked like a “little cherub that sits up aloft.”

  • You ranged the dessert on the sideboard, for you must have dessert, to use those tiptop finger-bowls.

    Married Life | May Edginton

British Dictionary definitions for tiptop


/ (ˌtɪpˈtɒp) /

adjective, adverb
  1. at the highest point of health, excellence, etc

  2. at the topmost point

  1. the best in quality

  2. the topmost point

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