[ tuh-geth-er ]
/ təˈgɛð ər /



Slang. mentally and emotionally stable and well organized: a together person.

Origin of together

before 900; late Middle English, variant of earlier togedere, togadere, Old English tōgædere; cognate with Old Frisian togadera. See to, gather

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/ (təˈɡɛðə) /



slang self-possessed and well-organized; mentally and emotionally stableshe's a very together lady

Word Origin for together

Old English tōgædre; related to Old Frisian togadera, Middle High German gater; see gather


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Word Origin and History for together


Old English togædere, from to (see to) + gædere "together" (adv.), apparently a variant of the adverb geador "together," related to gadrian (see gather).

German cognate zusammen substitutes second element with Old High German verbal cognate of English same (Old English also had tosamne "together"). Adjective meaning "self-assured, free of emotional difficulties" is first recorded 1966.

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