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[ uhn-veyl ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to remove a veil or other covering from; display; reveal:

    The woman unveiled herself.

  2. to reveal or disclose by or as if by removing a veil or covering:

    to unveil a monument; to unveil a secret; to unveil a truth.

    Synonyms: expose, broadcast, bare, divulge

verb (used without object)

  1. to become revealed by or as if by removing a veil.


/ ʌnˈveɪl /


  1. tr to remove the cover or shroud from, esp in the ceremonial unveiling of a monument, etc
  2. to remove the veil from (one's own or another person's face)
  3. tr to make (something secret or concealed) known or public; divulge; reveal

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unveil1

First recorded in 1590–1600; un- 2 + veil

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Example Sentences

In June 2019, Kushner hosted his “Peace to Prosperity” workshop — meant to get ideas ahead of unveiling his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan — in Bahrain.

From Vox

Its much-hyped “Battery Day” event, to be held later this month, may also have boosted optimism since many expect the company to unveil new technologies that day.

From Fortune

The Fold2 5G follows the original Fold unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February 2019 and delayed for release until last fall because of durability issues.

From Fortune

Moreover, Nintendo is expected to unveil a new Switch next year, which will make leftover inventory of the current Switch harder to sell.

From Fortune

I looked through one and sat there in awe as the continent unveiled itself before me.

As the year winds to a close, film critics start to unveil their lists of the best films of the year.

But the man otherwise known as Peter Parker/Spider-Man is here at the Toronto Film Festival to unveil his latest film, 99 Homes.

Johnson indicated the school was in no hurry to unveil a new nickname or logo.

Kerry also said that at some point, he might unveil his own peace deal and tell both sides to “take it or leave it.”

But as the U.S. and EU prepare to unveil new sanctions against Russia, Putin has decided the interactions should stop.

He was evidently the missing witness who could unveil the whole mystery, and it would be difficult to escape from his conclusions.

He will see, that unforeseen circumstances may unveil the conduct, which he feels interested in concealing from others.

It was evident that she was not willing to unveil her whole mind; and yet Maxence felt himself terribly staggered.

Thus that I may know thee better, Judging from thy face thy crimes, I unveil thee.

So having given him a whisky-and-soda, I take him into a corner and unveil the plot.


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More About Unveil

What does unveil mean?

Unveil means to reveal or uncover something.

This can be literal, such as by taking a veil or other physical covering off of something, as in The sculptor tugged the sheet away to unveil her masterpiece.  

It can also be used figuratively—often in a way that likens the action to physically uncovering something. In this sense, it can mean to present something publicly for the first time, as in They plan to unveil the new model at the convention next month. Or it can mean to uncover something that has been kept secret or hidden, as in Her investigative reporting unveiled a conspiracy. 

Things that have been revealed can be described with the adjective unveiled, as in Here are the first photos of the newly unveiled design concept. 

The noun unveiling can refer to an event where this happens, or the act of doing it, as in The plans will be revealed at the big unveiling next week.

Example: The company unveiled its new phone design last week after months of speculation.

Where does unveil come from?

The first records of the word unveil come from the 1590s. The prefix un- indicates a reversal, and veil ultimately comes from the Latin vēlum, meaning “a covering.”

In its most literal sense, unveil means to remove the veil that’s covering something, such as the face of a bride. Both the literal and figurative uses of the word often imply a sense of drama or ceremony (since it’s usually exciting to see new things or to learn of things that have been hidden). When tangible things are unveiled, it’s often done with a flourish, like removing a sheet from a new car model at an auto show or slowly pulling back the velvet curtains to reveal the small elephant you’ve been hiding. The unveiling of intangible things, like plans or secrets, is also often dramatic due to anticipation or surprise.

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How is unveil used in real life?

Unveil can be used in many different contexts. In marketing, it’s often used in the context of presenting a new product or product model to the public.



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