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[ uhn-veyld ]


  1. not hidden by a veil or other covering; bare.
  2. revealed to public knowledge or scrutiny; made evident or manifest:

    the unveiled purpose of their wicked plan.

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Example Sentences

The U.S. military just unveiled a new effort to get Iraqis ready to battle ISIS.

Stop-motion animation artist PES has unveiled a new short this week.

On Tuesday evening, Paper magazine unveiled their Winter 2014 magazine.

The flag that was unveiled at Yankee Stadium 19 days after 9/11 was a different, much larger one.

Soofar first unveiled its product at a White House event in June.

None other would dare to show herself unveiled to a stranger, and a white man at that.

At Iftikhar's first sight of me unveiled, the love sprang to his eyes as flame leaps on a torch.

It was entitled Christianity Unveiled, and bore on its title page the name of Boulanger.

To behold “Diana unveiled” was equivalent in alchemical terminology to attaining the magnum opus.

I wanted to have the true intentions of the man on whom they relied, as much as possible unveiled.


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More About Unveiled

What does unveiled mean?

Unveiled is an adjective that means revealed or uncovered.

It comes from the past tense of the verb unveil.

It can be used literally, describing something from which a veil or other physical covering has been taken off, as in The photographers gathered around the unveiled sculpture. 

It can also be used figuratively—often in a way that likens the thing it describes to something that has been physically uncovered. In its figurative sense, it can describe something that has been presented publicly for the first time, as in The newly unveiled model generated a lot of buzz at the convention. Or it can describe something that has been uncovered after having been kept secret or hidden, as in The now fully unveiled scandal has led to several resignations. 

Unveiled is especially used with words like newly, freshly, and recently.

Example: The newly unveiled phone design has put all the speculation to rest.

Where does unveiled come from?

The first records of the word unveiled come from the early 1600s. The prefix un- indicates a reversal. Veiled means “covered” or “hidden” and ultimately comes from the Latin vēlum, meaning “a covering.”

Both the literal and figurative uses of unveiled often imply a sense of drama or ceremony (since it’s usually exciting to see new things or to learn of things that have been hidden). Unveiling something tangible is often done with a flourish, like removing a sheet from a new car model at an auto show or slowly pulling back the velvet curtains to reveal the small elephant you’ve been hiding. The unveiling of intangible things, like plans or secrets, is also often dramatic due to anticipation or surprise.

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How is unveiled used in real life?

Unveiled can be used in many different contexts. It’s often used to describe a new product or product model that has been presented to the public.



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A. revealed
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C. shown
D. hidden