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[ yoo-zer ]


  1. a person or thing that uses.
  2. a person who is addicted to or abuses a controlled substance or alcohol; one who uses illegal or addictive drugs, as in drug user
  3. Digital Technology. a person who uses a computer, device, or application:

    This interface should be more intuitive for users.



[ oo-zer ]


, Law.
  1. the exercise of a right to the enjoyment of property.


/ ˈjuːzə /


  1. law
    1. the continued exercise, use, or enjoyment of a right, esp in property
    2. a presumptive right based on long-continued use

      right of user

  2. often in combination a person or thing that uses

    a road-user

  3. informal.
    a drug addict

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Word History and Origins

Origin of user1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English usere; use, -er 1

Origin of user2

Noun use of Anglo-French user to use

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Example Sentences

Routines may still be considered something of a power user feature.

Another change will impact which groups are suggested to users.

The most popular branded hashtag challenges make their way to TikTok’s trending page where millions of users can see them.

In August, Amazon launched “Gold Vault” in India, where users can buy digital gold for as little as Rs5.

From Quartz

The user experience that your website offers is ultimately what determines whether customers bounce in droves or actually stick around.

The digital dating sphere can prove tricky, and bruising, for the trans user.

The user fee on duck stamps goes exclusively to funding federal acquisition of wetlands as wildlife habitat.

A click sends a user to a statement, a list of passenger nationalities, emergency call-center numbers, and other information.

That user's posts were being wiped completely from existence.

That lapse was partly mitigated by the rise of blog­ging, which encouraged user-generated content.

I made the arrangement shown in the sketch to take care of the line without any effort to the user.

As it is so important, and above all to the voice-user, it merits special consideration.

Therefore the user of these cutters should exercise care when cutting pipe.

Not that I should have done any better if I had had the myth or the novel, for I am not a good user of opportunities.

Some viewers may require user assistance to find fonts containing these characters.


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More About User

What is a user?

A user is someone or something that employs or puts someone or something into service, as in The instructions are written for users of the microwave.

In technology, a user is the person who uses a particular piece of hardware (such as a computer) or software (such as a website or app), as in Users complain about frequent updates.

User can also refer to someone who regularly takes illegal or addictive drugs. (The verb use can mean to regularly take such drugs, as in I stopped using five years ago.)

Example: The user should be able to send and receive messages quickly.

Where does user come from?

The first records of the term user come from around 1350. It combines use, meaning “to employ,” and the suffix -er, which creates nouns that are designated by their object.

A user is someone who uses something and is almost always said in reference to what they are using. There are a few special senses of user to be aware of.

Sometimes calling someone a user is meant to imply that the person “uses” people. That is, they manipulate or exploit other people for selfish reasons. In technology, a user profile is a page or account on social media or another web service that is owned by an individual. And in the law, a user is someone who expresses their right to make use of or enjoy property.

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How is user used in real life?

User is most often used to refer to someone who uses something. It can be used judgmentally if referring to someone who is addicted to drugs.



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