[ wawk-throo ]
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  1. Theater, Television.

    • a rehearsal in which physical action is combined with reading the lines of a play.

    • a perfunctory performance of a script.

  2. Television, Movies. a rehearsal without cameras.

  1. a step-by-step demonstration of a procedure or process or a step-by-step explanation of it as a novice attempts it.

  2. a pedestrian passageway or arcade through the ground floor of a building connecting one street or building with another.

  1. designed to be walked through by an observer: The zoo has a walk-through aviary where the birds are all around you.

  2. activated by a person passing through: a walk-through electronic scanner at the airport for detecting concealed weapons.

Origin of walk-through

First recorded in 1935–40; noun, adj. use of verb phrase walk through

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British Dictionary definitions for walk through

walk through

/ theatre /

  1. (tr) to act or recite (a part) in a perfunctory manner, as at a first rehearsal

  1. a rehearsal of a part

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Perform in a perfunctory fashion, as in She was just walking through her job, hoping to quit very soon. This idiom originally referred to practicing parts in a play at an early rehearsal. It was applied more broadly from the late 1800s. Also see go through the motions.

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