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What does CBH mean?

CBH is an acronym for child-bearing hips, a reference to wide hips that are said to be good for bearing children.

CBH can also stand for corned beef hash, various medical conditions, and the Australian grain company CBH. Fun.

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Where does CBH come from?

One of the first uses of CBH online came on Twitter in 2008, referring to that most delicious of breakfast dishes, corned beef hash.

The “hips” CBH comes from an old folk belief that having wider hips makes it easier to give birth. There is no medical evidence to suggest this is true, but the myth persists.

As a result, women with wide or large hips are often described as having child-bearing hips or in internet-speak, CBH. It’s not exactly clear when this acronym came into use, but the first definition entered on Urban Dictionary was in 2005.

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Examples of CBH

Look at them hips boiii. CBH
@wavydaze, August, 2014
@BMonzoWFAN Just ordered CBH with 2 eggs scrambled with cheese. CBH most underrated breakfast food in the game
@KFCBarstool, January, 2014
“@Mik3Y_C: Holy child bearing hips 😳 #CBH” curious when people say that is it an insult ?
@Danielle_MACC, April, 2012

Who uses CBH?

In the kitchen or at a restaurant, CBH probably stands for the yummy corned beef hash.

If you’re talking about a woman’s looks, CBH most likely refers to those so-called child-bearing hips. Some women may take it as a compliment, as many see them as attractive and sexy. Others may think you are calling them “fat.”

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