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What does FBSM mean?

FBSM stands for full-body sensual massage, an illegal, erotic massage involving the sexual stimulation of the genitals with the hands, known as a happy ending in slang.

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Where does FBSM come from?

FBSM is an initialism standing for full-body sensual massage. In slang, a FBSM is also known as a happy ending massage or rub and tug.

An FBSM may also involve massaging other private parts in an erotic manner. Legal, professional massages do not involve the erotic stimulation of body parts.

The phrase and abbreviation have been recorded in print and online advertisements since the 1990s. FBSM appears to have originated as a way around prostitution and solicitation laws.

Typically, FBSM involves a female massager providing a massage to a male client that culminates in performing masturbation on him. Additional sex acts may be advertised as FBSM+.

Examples of FBSM

While I can't say the walk-in massage parlor doesn't exist anywhere, all the FBSM providers I know either operate through in-calls (hotel rooms, apartments, houses that they either rent independently, collectively, or through an agency) or do out-calls, bringing their services to client's own homes or hotel rooms.
Kate Conger, Westword, April 25, 2013
Lily was a full-body sensual massage provider—a.k.a. FBSM, the coded and polite way of saying “run” and “tug” or “happy ending.”
Audacia Ray,"Hot Flush of Cash and Lust," in Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys: Professionals Writing on Life, Love, Money, and Sex, 2009

Who uses FBSM?

FBSMs are illegal in the United States. The acronym generally appears in sexual contents or on sexual sites online. It may also appear in contexts discussing its legal dimensions.

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