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🐀 Baby Chick emoji

[ bey-bee chik ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🐀 Baby Chick emoji mean?

The Baby Chick emoji 🐀 depicts a baby chicken or the head of a baby chicken facing to the left. It is commonly used to represent actual chicks of chickens or other birds, spring, or Easter. The Baby Chick emoji 🐀 is used more frequently leading up to Easter, which is a movable holiday commemorated each spring. During this holiday, the Baby Chick emoji 🐀 is often accompanied by the hashtag #Easter and used alongside other Easter-themed emoji such as Rabbit πŸ‡, Rabbit Face 🐰, and Egg πŸ₯š emoji. In 2021, Easter falls on April 4.

Why are baby chicks, and other signs of new life, used as symbols during Easter? Learn the answer here.Β 

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Where does 🐀 Baby Chick emoji come from?

The Baby Chick emoji 🐀 was approved under Unicode 6.0 in 2010. On most major platforms, the Baby Chick emoji 🐀 resembles a baby chicken (chick) with yellow feathers and an orange beak facing to the left. The color of the chick’s feet vary by platform. The Apple, WhatsApp, and Facebook versions of the Baby Chick emoji 🐀 only depict the head of the chick, again facing to the left.

The Baby Chick emoji 🐀 is often used to refer to actual baby chickens, other baby birds, or adult yellow birds. In this case, it is often used with the similar Hatching Chick 🐣 and Front-Facing Baby Chick πŸ₯ emoji. These emoji are popular during Easter, a holiday that is often associated with rebirth and the start of springtime. Chicks have traditionally been hatched in spring, and their hatching is a symbol of new life.

In particular, the Baby Chick emoji 🐀 is used to refer to Peeps, a popular marshmallow candy eaten during Easter that is shaped like chicks.

Examples of 🐀 Baby Chick emoji

Goooood morning my early birds 🐀
@trevimoran, October 25, 2015
I've already had six eggs this Easter weekend! 🐀πŸ₯🐣
@latoyajackson, April 4, 2015

Who uses 🐀 Baby Chick emoji?

The Baby Chick emoji 🐀 is used to refer to baby birds or adult yellow birds.

The Baby Chick emoji 🐀 is also often used during Easter. It may specifically be used to refer to Peeps.

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