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🦇 Bat emoji

[ bat ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🦇 Bat emoji mean?

The Bat emoji 🦇 depicts a gray or brown bat with outstretched wings. While occasionally used in reference to the actual winged mammal, the emoji is commonly used in the context of vampires, Halloween, and the superhero Batman.

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Where does 🦇 Bat emoji come from?

The Bat emoji 🦇 was approved under Unicode 9.0 in 2016. On most major platforms, the bat is gray or brown. Depending on platform, the bat may be outstretched facing the viewer or flying to the left, as is the case in Apple, WhatsApp, and Facebook’s designs. 

Examples of 🦇 Bat emoji

Whatever you’re doing today, do it with the same confidence as a 4yr old in a Batman T shirt 🦇 😀
@Rosievix, November 11, 2019
October means watching scary movies all day long 🦇 💀🎃
@Jokucharski19, October 2, 2018

Who uses 🦇 Bat emoji?

The Bat emoji 🦇 can evoke an aura of spookiness. It is often used alongside mentions of vampires (storied to transform into bats) and during Halloween.

The Bat emoji 🦇 is also used in references to the bat-themed superhero Batman. The Google and Twitter designs for the emoji even somewhat resemble the caped crusader’s famous bat signal.


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