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⚰️ Coffin emoji

[ kaw-fin ih-moh-jee ]

What does ⚰️ Coffin emoji mean?

The Coffin emoji ⚰️ depicts a six-sided wooden coffin. It is commonly used to refer to death or dying in both literal and figurative ways. This emoji is also used in reference to various scary or spooky things, such as horror movies or Halloween.

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Where does ⚰️ Coffin emoji come from?

The Coffin emoji ⚰️ was approved under Unicode 4.1 in 2005. On most major platforms, the emoji resembles a wooden coffin with metal handles on its side and its head angled to the left. The Microsoft and Apple versions feature flowers atop the coffins; Samsung and WhatsApp feature a coffin plate, as used to memorialize the deceased with an inscription. The head of Twitter’s coffin is angled to the right. 

The Coffin emoji ⚰️ is rarely used to refer to literal coffins or caskets. Instead, it is used to refer to death and other fearsome topics more generally. To this end, the Coffin emoji ⚰️ often appears alongside other spooky emoji, such as Ghost emoji 👻, Spider emoji 🕷️, or Vampire emoji 🧛 (as vampires are commonly depicted as sleeping in coffins). 

Examples of ⚰️ Coffin emoji

My laptop very nearly just died 💻 ⚰️
@LeeWestwick, October 24, 2018
Had to turn the Haunting of Hill House off after a few minutes . Too scary to watch by myself tbh 💀⚰️👻
@EgglestonMathew, October 18, 2018

Who uses ⚰️ Coffin emoji?

The Coffin emoji ⚰️ can be used to convey literal and figurative death and dying. The tone, here, is often meant to be humorous.

It is also used in a range of spooky occasions, especially during Halloween, in conjunction with other scary emoji.

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