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🍫 Chocolate Bar emoji

[ chaw-kuh-lit bahr ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🍫 Chocolate Bar emoji mean?

The Chocolate Bar emoji 🍫 depicts a chocolate candy bar. It is commonly used to refer to chocolate, candy, sweets, and snacks. On July 7 and October 28, the Chocolate Bar emoji 🍫 is used with the hashtags #WorldChocolateDay and #NationalChocolateDay to commemorate World Chocolate Day and National Chocolate Day, respectively.

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Where does 🍫 Chocolate Bar emoji come from?

The Chocolate Bar emoji 🍫 was approved under Unicode 6.0 in 2010. On most major platforms, the emoji resembles a chocolate candy bar divided into squares with a partially removed wrapper. On WhatsApp, the wrapper is purple, while all other major platforms depict the emoji with a red wrapper. The candy bar is tilted toward the right on Facebook and is straight up and down on Microsoft. All other major platforms have the candy bar tilted toward the left.

Chocolate is a very popular food that is eaten by itself or mixed with other foods. On social media, the Chocolate Bar emoji 🍫 is used with other candy-themed emoji such as the Candy emoji 🍬 and the Lollipop emoji 🍭to express a love or desire for sweets. The emoji is also frequently used on or in connection to holidays associated with chocolate candy and other sweets, including Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas.

Examples of 🍫 Chocolate Bar emoji

🍫 happy national chocolate day, my sweets! 🍫
@amidang, October 28, 2020
My chocolate intake has reached heroic proportions this week. πŸ«πŸ˜‹
@DavidPaisley, December 13, 2020

Who uses 🍫 Chocolate Bar emoji?

The Chocolate Bar emoji 🍫 is used to express love (or hunger) for chocolate in all of its forms.

The Chocolate Bar emoji 🍫 is also used to refer to candy and sweets in general.

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