🌫️ - fog emoji or 🌁 - foggy emoji

or fog emoji or foggy emoji

[fog] or [fog-ee ih-moh-jee]

What does 🌫️ and 🌁 mean?

There are two emoji are confusing ...


They're both used to represent fog and related phenomena of mist and haze: fog emoji, 🌫️, and foggy emoji, 🌁. And, they're both commonly used to represent both literal and figurative fog.

Examples of 🌫️ - fog emoji or 🌁 - foggy emoji


Examples of 🌫️ - fog emoji or 🌁 - foggy emoji
Loving this fog! Bringing me back to San Fran! Anyways good morning! 🌁😛
@oceansidelyfe, November, 2018
There are patches of dense #fog this morning which could linger in places 🌫️ take care and stay #weatheraware...
@metoffice, February, 2019
rip kat you will be mist / ahah hah / ha / mist 🌫️
@im_on_here, February, 2019
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Where does 🌫️ - fog emoji or 🌁 - foggy emoji come from?

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Foggy emoji is slightly older than the fog emoji.

It was approved under Unicode 6.0 in 2010. Also popularly called fog, foggy city or fog bridge, this emoji depicts a city or bridge shrouded in fog, as shown in the screenshot from Emojipedia below.

Foggy emoji / Emojipedia

Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Samsung, and WhatsApp’s bridges resemble San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is known for its foggy weather—and it doesn’t hurt that many of these tech companies are headquartered in the city. 

The fog emoji was approved by Unicode 7.0  in 2014. Its appearance is fairly uniform across platforms. It looks like, well, fog: a cluster of thick, grayish-white clouds.

Microsoft’s design, though, is more representational, featuring three, gray, wavy lines, as shown in the screenshot from Emojipedia below.

Fog emoji / Emojipedia

Who uses 🌫️ - fog emoji or 🌁 - foggy emoji?

True to their name, the fog and foggy emoji are used for foggy, cloudy, hazy, and even snowy weather.

They are also both used for metaphorical fogs, like when someone only has a foggy idea or feels like they are in a fog.

Thanks to the appearance of the Golden Gate Bridge on many platforms, foggy emoji is often used to represent San Francisco or the Bay Area, or for bridges, both physical and metaphorical.

The fog emoji, meanwhile, is sometimes used to represent mist generally …

… and haze, as generated by smoking pot.

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