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☕ Hot Beverage emoji

or Coffee emoji or Tea emoji [ hot bev-er-ij ih-moh-jee ]

The Hot Beverage emoji ☕ portrays a cup filled with a heated brown liquid. It is commonly used to represent coffee, tea, mornings, or breakfast. On October 1, the Hot Beverage emoji ☕ is used with the hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay to commemorate International Coffee Day. 

Let these coffee terms percolate in your mind so the next time you’re ready to order a “cup of joe,” you’ll know exactly which drink you want.

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Where does ☕ Hot Beverage emoji come from?

The Hot Beverage emoji ☕, also popularly called Coffee emoji or Tea emoji, was approved under Unicode 4.0 in 2003. On most major platforms, the emoji depicts a white or grey cup with a handle on the right side filled with a brown liquid. On most platforms, steam is emitting from the cup, but the Samsung and Facebook versions lack the steam. The Facebook version is the only major platform to not have the cup placed on a saucer.

Possibly due to its ambiguous name and appearance, the Hot Beverage emoji ☕ is used to refer to a number of heated drinks, with coffee and tea being far and away the most common. The use of the emoji seems to coincide with whatever heated drink the user is more familiar with or prefers to drink.

While its uses commonly overlap,  the Hot Beverage emoji ☕ depicts coffee, the Teacup Without Handle emoji 🍵, whose hot liquid resembles green tea or matcha.

Examples of ☕ Hot Beverage emoji

Longer days mean more time for coffee.  ☀️☕
@Starbucks, March 9, 2020
Recording every night after work to get this album done for you. Worth all the work but definitely a challenge. Time for tea & vocal rest. 💕☕
@ArianaGrande, June 5, 2013

Who uses ☕ Hot Beverage emoji?

The Hot Beverage emoji ☕ is commonly used to refer to coffee…

…or tea.

In either case, the Hot Beverage emoji ☕ is also used to refer to mornings.

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