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πŸ”‘ Key emoji

[keeΒ ih-moh-jee]

What doesΒ πŸ”‘ Key emoji mean?

Not to be confused with the old key emoji … the key emoji depicts a single key, and it’s presented in varying shades of brass and silver on various platforms.

Most versions are modern keys, but a few of them, like Facebook’s version, use a pass key style, also known as a skeleton key, because it just has that old fashioned look. Oh, you fancy Facebook …

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Where does πŸ”‘ Key emoji come from?


The idea of a key being an answer, or a way to unlock something that leads to an answer, has long been part of our language. “The key to happiness.” “The key to success.” “The key to the heart.” We’ve all heard these before …

A key does literally unlock something: a door, a treasure chest, a diary. There are even digital keys, composed of numbers rather than metal, used in the digital world for security measures. So, using the word key in a metaphorical way relating to an answer or solution makes a lot of sense. (Yes, we’re teaching you about metaphors right now … chill out.)

The key emoji was approved as part ofΒ Unicode 6.0Β in 2010 and added toΒ Emoji 1.0Β in 2015.


Examples of πŸ”‘ Key emoji

Go with the bigness, and the bigness will reward you πŸ”‘
@silvinoedward November, 2018
I know I’m going to be a great husband one day πŸ’πŸ”‘ #family
@KippiDon, November, 2018
Skincare routiiiiiine! Consistency is πŸ”‘
@kivonshe, November, 2018

Who uses πŸ”‘ Key emoji?

The key emoji might carry the secret to happiness and success! In social-media posts using the key emoji, the messaging is positive and often about self improvement with themes of commitment, drive, passion, and self confidence.

These posts often convey the idea that the key to finding happiness and success isΒ  … to find the key to happiness and success! Good luck.

It’s also used in messaging or ideas about the home.

And, sometimes, it’s actually about keys! Although that key chain probably is only seen on fuckboy’s keys.

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