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🚴 Person Biking emoji

or Bicycle emoji or Bike emoji or Bicyclist emoji [ pur-suhn bahyk-ing ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🚴 Person Biking emoji mean?

Person Biking emoji 🚴 depicts a person riding a bicycle. It is commonly used to represent bicycles, cycling, exercise, travel, and the outdoors.

The word bike is a commonly used informal shortening of bicycle. As a verb, bike means “to ride a bicycle.”

The Person Biking emoji 🚴 is often used during major cycling events, especially the world famous annual Tour-de-France bicycle race, or to commemorate World Bicycle Day on June 3.

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Where does 🚴 Person Biking emoji come from?

The Person Biking emoji 🚴, also popularly called Bicycle emoji or Bike emoji, was approved under Unicode 6.0 in 2010 as Bicyclist. On most major platforms, the emoji depicts a person riding a bicycle while wearing cycling attire and a helmet. The color of the bicycle and the rider’s clothing varies depending on the platform. The emoji may appear realistic or stylized. The Apple and WhatsApp versions depict the spokes of the bicycle and portray the bicyclist wearing sunglasses and gloves. On most major platforms, the emoji can be customized to depict a bicyclist of different genders and/or skin tones.

The Person Biking emoji 🚴 is a commonly used emoji that can refer to riding bicycles for leisure, exercise, or bicycle racing. It is often used during major cycling events with the annual Tour-de-France race being by far the most well known. More generally, Person Biking emoji 🚴 is also used to refer to travel, exercise, or enjoying nature and the outdoors.

The Person Biking emoji 🚴may be confused with the Person Mountain Biking emoji 🚡, although the two emoji are often used interchangeably or together.

Examples of 🚴 Person Biking emoji

It feels really good outside! I think i wanna go ride my bike in the wind 🚴
@itsBillyRed, October 9, 2020
Ok making a rule for myself! Only time I get to watch Tik Tok is in a spin bike! Let’s go! 🚴
@iHasCupquake, April 12, 2021

Who uses 🚴 Person Biking emoji?

The Person Biking emoji 🚴 is used to refer to riding a bicycle for any reason, such as for fun, exercise, or to get to work.

In particular, the Person Biking emoji 🚴 is often used to refer to major cycling events.

More generally, the Person Biking emoji 🚴 is used to refer to outdoor activities.

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