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👸 Princess emoji

[prin-ses ih-moh-jee]

What does 👸 Princess emoji mean?

Grab your tiara, ball gown, diamonds, and 👸, girl, because you are ROYALTY!

The princess emoji, 👸, signifies everything from gracefulness to fanciness, whether it’s a parent doting on their little girl or a diva-in-training expecting to be waited on hand and foot. More literally, it can represent Disney princesses and royal births.  

The princess emoji can also be used to mean “queen” for those wanting to convey power, success, and a more mature beauty. It’s used by fierce and flawless women to show off their self-worth, serve looks, and stand out above the rest.  

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Where does 👸 Princess emoji come from?


The princess emoji debuted in Unicode 6.0 in 2010. In 2015, Unicode added skin-tone modifiers, offering the princess emoji in a variety shades beyond the default yellow. In 2016, Apple redesigned its princess emoji to give her a more modern sophistication. 

Across platforms, the princess emoji shows a close-up of a woman’s face with long hair and a tiara, that signature headwear associated with queens-in-waiting. Her hair color varies, and her crown is sometimes studded with jewels. A few vendors give her a hint of a gown, as we see in Google’s design in the screenshot from Emojipedia below.


In the 2017 Emoji Movie, we find out that one of the main characters, the cool-girl hacker named Jailbreak, is secretly a princess with the power to communicate with birds through singing.


Examples of 👸 Princess emoji

My little princess 👸 daddy's girl...... 👨‍👧
@Russell63398763, July, 2018
Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess 👸✨🎀
@katecarroll02, September, 2012
Need to start making plans for my 21st this summer 👸☀
@MirMulvihill, March, 2015

Who uses 👸 Princess emoji?

The princess emoji is often used by women looking to celebrate themselves. They often use the emoji alongside a photo to show that they are gorgeous, fabulous, and strong. Princesses, and royalty more generally, implies excellenceand these women don’t want their followers to forget that.

Princess is also a pet name parents use to refer to their kids, and so the princess emoji is often posted along with cute baby photos.

Some women want to be treated like a princess, getting special, attentive treatment. The princess emoji helps communicate those expectations loud and clear.

Princess can also be an insult, though, used to paint someone as coddled, snobby, or high-maintenance. The princess emoji can express those sharper sentiments as well.

As there is no queen emoji, the princess emoji fills that much-needed gap. The princess emojiin this way, connotes power, success, and beauty. Users especially tag posts about their favorite alpha female celebrities with the emoji. Most notably, members of Beyonce’s fan base will use the emoji to crown their “Queen Bey.”

The princess emoji is, finally, used for actual princesses, often in reference to the British royal family during weddings and births or for fictional princesses depicted on TV and film, with Disney leading the way. 

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