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World Emoji Day

[ wurld ih-moh-jee dey ]

What is World Emoji Day?

World Emoji Day is an informal holiday in celebration of emoji.

New emoji are sometimes released or announced on World Emoji Day.

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⚡️When is World Emoji Day?

World Emoji Day takes place each year on July 17. That date was chosen because it’s the date shown on the Calendar emoji 📅. The occasion is often observed on social media using the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay.

The date July 17 was originally adopted for the calendar emoji by Apple because that was the day that iCal for Mac was officially announced in 2002. The same date was later used by other platforms on their versions of the calendar emoji.

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Where does World Emoji Day come from?

Examples of World Emoji Day

It’s #WorldEmojiDay Comment your favourite emoji ??
@vibes_work, February 21, 2021
2020’s World Emoji Day will unveil the most-used emoji of the year. The four in the running include the black fist for Black Lives Matter, the face mask emoji, the virus and the flame. 2020’s new emoji will include a transgender flag and a woman in a tuxedo.
Amelia Heathman, Evening Standard, July 17, 2020

Who uses World Emoji Day?

Did you know … ?

  • The word emoji comes from a Japanese term that translates as “picture letter.”
  • The plural of emoji can be emoji or emojis.

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