Free Pandemic Zoom Backgrounds To Impress Your Coworkers

If video conferencing and Zoom happy hours are our new reality, then backgrounds and filters are our new currency. Zoom backgrounds help you hide the dirty laundry you forgot was piled up behind you, and they give you a pass on having to share the details of your living space with your boss, your teacher, or 35 nosy coworkers.

We’ve all seen coworkers rocking backgrounds with images of the Golden Gate Bridge or an idyllic coastline at sunset. And who could forget that one boss who accidentally used a filter to turn herself into a potato? At, we’re all about sharing knowledge and helping you find the right words to express yourself. That’s why we created a few Zoom backgrounds of our own to help you connect responsibly and in style.

Social distancing

If you could be there in person, you would be. Instead, you’re doing your best to be socially responsible. Your fellow meeting-goers will appreciate the nod to our strange, new, shared reality. And, hey, they might learn a few things too.

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Quarantine vs. isolation

A lot of people are wondering about the difference between isolation and quarantine right now. We’re here to help with articles and, of course, stylish and informative Zoom backgrounds.

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It’s all about connection

(And other words you all hand-picked for the next set of backgrounds!)

We asked, and you all answered. Here are the next set of Zoom backgrounds that you all requested!

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Have questions about other vocabulary people are using to talk about the COVID-19 pandemic? Check out this list of the newest coronavirus words on

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