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[ ab-roh-sek-shoo-uhl ]

What doesย abrosexualย mean?

Someone who is abrosexual has a fluid sexual orientation. They experience different sexual orientations over time.

Related words

pansexual, queer, ceterosexual, androsexual, demisexual, gynesexual, omnisexual

Where does abrosexual come from?

Some people experience a fluid sexual orientation. Their sexual orientation may be fluid, for example, between bisexuality and homosexuality. Or, for another instance, their sexuality may fluctuate between being pansexual, asexual, and demisexual.

A term for this experience is abrosexual, which is found by at least 2013 on the online art community, DeviantArt. According to LGBTQ forums, the abro– in abrosexual is based on a Greek root meaning “delicate” or “graceful.” This root is apparently meant to suggest flux and movement.

Abrosexual spreads in online stories about gender and sexual identity around 2016, the same year an abrosexual flag was shared on Tumblr.

Examples of abrosexual

I'm not asexual, but amazingly I still fall under the asexual umbrella. I'm abrosexual, and my sexuality fluctuates.
@ServantoftheFae, November 2019
The vast majority of LGBTQ youth who wrote in a sexual orientation in the survey provided one sexual orientation, according The Trevor Project. Among the terms are asexual, polysexual, abrosexual, graysexual, androsexual, bicurious, homoflexible, masexual, omnisexual, sapiosexual and two spirit
Chris Johnson, Washington Blade, October 2019

Who uses abrosexual?

While the term abrosexual is new, it is spreading in the LGBTQ community as a way for people to identify their sexuality as fluid. It also addresses a gap in the language that affirms that experience of sexuality.

Persons of all genders may be abrosexual. It is important to note that being abrosexual is not the same as pansexual, where one is not limited by the sexual orientation or gender of the other person. For instance, someone who is abrosexual may be asexual for some time and bisexual at another time.

A related term is abromantic, which is sometimes used to refer to the experience of fluid romantic attractions. Like bisexual/bisexuality or heterosexual/heterosexuality, abrosexual takes the noun form abrosexuality. Some people in the LGBTQ community may used the shortened term abro.

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