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What does genderflux mean?

A person who is genderflux experiences a range of intensity within a gender identity.  For example, a person who is boyflux may identify as fully masculine to partially masculine (demiboy) and slightly masculine (libramasculine) to fully agender. 

Genderflux is also used by some as a synonym for gender-fluid more generally. 

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Where does genderflux come from?

Gender Wiki

Evidence for genderflux for “shifting between genders” (hence flux) dates back to at least 1994 concerning a Queer Pagans newsletter, and rocker Marilyn Manson was described genderflux in 2003.

Genderflux took off in 2014, thanks to Tumblr user Deergoths, who applied genderflux to experiences of variation in the intensity within a gender identity (rather than between). A 2016 Teen Vogue article on the changing lexicon of gender and sexuality helped spread the term.

While both senses of genderflux are in use, social media suggests Deergoths’ sense is becoming more common, likely to its utility and the existence of the terms nonbinary and gender-fluid

The genderflux community has a rich vocabulary based on flux, including but not limited to boyflux, girlflux, bigenderflux, fluidflux, agenderflux, neutroisflux, nonbinaryflux. A person who identifies as girlflux, for instance, experiences a range of intensity of female identity, while an agenderflux person may experience various degrees of feeling any gender at all.


Examples of genderflux

Q: What piece of machinery is needed in a car in order for a genderqueer person to travel in time? / A: A genderflux capacitor
@genderfork, September 2015
Happy #InternationalPronounsDay to every non-binary, trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, genderflux person out there! Whatever terms/pronouns u use 2 describe yourself, know that u r accepted and loved! Fellow cis ppl, let's make sure that nonbinary ppl feel supported every day!
@cwtchqueen, October 2018
I think a more accurate label for me is 'genderflux', which means I experience different intensities of gender. Sometimes I feel devoid of gender, sometimes I feel like a girl, sometimes a boy, sometimes a mix of different genders. It took a long time for me to admit it to myself, because it took a long time to figure out that just because it fluctuates doesn't mean it's a phase.
Alison Evans, Daily Life, November 2015

Who uses genderflux?

Genderflux is still by people in various genderqueer communities, especially online.

To help spread genderflux awareness, gender-fluid activist and fashion blogger Elliott Alexzander launched a clothing line called GenderFlux in 2015. The brand sells gender neutral t-shirts emblazoned with a variety of gender identities.


Gender Flux is also a 2015 short adult film which, according to, “brings gender fluid strap on fucking to its highest form.”

Genderflux is still debated in queer culture (not to mention rejected by transphobic people), though the zeitgeist in the 2010s favors allow people to self-identify their gender as they feel is right for them.

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