Finding Love And Friendship Through Words With Friends

If you  don’t play Words With Friends, you may be missing out. Not just on the hours of stimulating fun its throngs of devoted followers say it provides, but on some great friendships, romance, and other opportunities as well.

What is Words with Friends?

Brief primer for those not familiar with WWF: The word game lets players challenge each other to build words, much like in Scrabble, but instead of on a board, the action takes place via an app on your phone.

While you can invite people you know in real-life to play, you can also find opponents from around the world using the “random” function.

Since the game was launched in 2009, those so-called random games have led to some heartwarming stories that seem a lot more like fate.

People really found love on Words with Friends?

Trisha and David Palmer
, for example. He resided in Houston, while she lived in Atlanta. After playing the game regularly for a while, they began messaging each other. One thing led to another, and they stepped away from their phones and into a real-life romance that led to them eventually walking down the aisle and getting hitched.

Then there’s
Spencer Sleyon
, aka “Half Empty,” the Harlem rapper who met his 81-year-old best friend, Rosalind Guttman through the game. After playing and chatting together for months, he flew down to meet her in Florida in person. Pictures from that meet-up are straight up heart-melting.

Some WWF connections have even helped save lives. For example,
Beth Legler
of Missouri had started up a friendly relationship with Georgie Fletcher in Australia while playing. When Fletcher mentioned some medical symptoms her husband was having, Legler ran them by her husband, a doctor, who told her the man needed to get to the hospital STAT. Turns out, he had a 99 percent blockage near his heart that could have killed him. We’re guessing they played a few new words like
after that.

Those are but a few examples of the countless connections made every day. You simply never know where a game may lead you. You may even find yourself playing with one of the many
celebrities who play WWF
. (Tina Fey, we challenge you!) At the very least, you’re making important connections in your brain’s synapses that just may make you smarter. 

So, besides a game or two (hundred), you have nothing to lose and a world of light-hearted fun and connections to gain.

Also, know that we’re here to help you destroy everyone in your path with our Words with Friends helper!

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