What Is The Medical Term For Burping?

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Before your hearty meal is finished, you might be curious to know if there are actually any synonyms for the word burping. Is there some kind of fancy medical term to refer to expelling gas through the mouth? If you won’t be satiated until you know the answer, make room for seconds as you take a look below!

What is the medical term for burping?

In medicine, the technical term used to refer to burping is eructation. This noun is related to the verb eruct, which is first recorded in the 1660s and comes from the Latin verb ērūctāre (“to vomit”).

However, the word eructation is not commonly used. Instead, the less technical term belching is used more often even in formal medical writing and research.

Burping is a perfectly normal bodily function and is rarely a cause for concern in and of itself. Excessive or abnormal burping may be a symptom of medical disorders, especially ones that impact digestion. In such cases, the word eructation or belching may be used to describe symptoms.

Healthcare professionals use medical terms—such as eructation—to provide universal medical care and standardize communication within the medical field.

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Examples of medical terms that include eructation or belching

Both eructation or belching are rarely used in the names of medical conditions. The word belching is used in the names of two medical conditions: gastric belching and supragastric belching.

It is more common for the words eructation and belching to be used to describe excessive burping as a symptom of a particular medical disorder. Some examples of disorders that may cause excessive burping include:

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Examples of non-medical synonyms of burping

For whatever reason, you might need some fancier words to describe your impressive burping abilities. As you now know, two synonyms of burping are belching and eructation. For the verb burp, the verbs belch, eruct, and eructate are pretty much all you have.

If you are instead looking for words to generally describe something coming out of a person’s mouth, you have more options. While these words do have more specific meanings, they all will likely accomplish your goal of trying to gross someone out. If that’s the case, you may want to try:

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