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Destroy Dick December

[ dih-stroi dik dih-sem-ber ]

What does Destroy Dick December mean?

Destroy Dick December is a joke challenge where a guy is supposed to masturbate excessively during the month of December—not that plenty of men aren’t doing that already. It’s an answer to No Nut November, where men challenge themselves to refrain from masturbating.

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Where does Destroy Dick December come from?

Destroy Dick December is a spinoff of No Nut November, a monthlong joke challenge where men are supposed to abstain from nutting, or ejaculating, either from masturbation or intercourse, throughout November. As a response, the alliteration-driven Destroy Dick December dares any No Nut November survivor to masturbate so much in December that their penises are, well, destroyed.

Destroy Dick December emerged in the beginning of November 2017, as shown in the tweet below.

The next day, Instagram user rapper2k directly connected the two joking month observances.

Over the following days, the “rules” of Destroy Dick December were established in a text message that was shared on Reddit, Instagram, and other social media sites. During the month, the man is supposed to masturbate once on December 1st, twice on December 2nd, and all the way up to 31 times on New Year’s Eve.

Destroy Dick December spread and inspired many masturbation-related jokes and memes throughout, you guessed it, December 2017.

Examples of Destroy Dick December

Buzzin for Destroy Dick December and it’s only November 1st
@HarvBurgs, November 1, 2018
Regardless of who started it, though, Destroy Dick December has taken on a life of its own. Most of the men promising to participate are probably joking, but it’s certain that at least some will attempt it. Best of luck and a joyful holiday season to them.
Jay Hathaway, The Daily Dot, November 5, 2018
If no nut november is supposed to be followed by "destroy dick december" (which is an incredibly stupid idea but w/e), would no piss november be followed by drink diuretics decemeber?
@alyrch99, October 1, 2020

Who uses Destroy Dick December?

Obviously, mentions of (hopefully fictional) attempts at “completing” Destroy Dick December are popular in the months of November and December, as is the hashtag #DestroyDickDecember. But mostly, the monthlong challenge is simply fodder for gross, boyish humor about masturbating.

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