No Nut November

or No Fap November

[noh nuht] or [noh fap noh-vem-ber]

What does No Nut November mean?


No Nut November is a humorous internet challenge where men give up busting a nut–whether via masturbation (fap) or intercourse–for the entire month of November.

Examples of No Nut November


Examples of No Nut November
It is day 16 of #NoNutNovember and my balls are the size of coconuts. My mind is transcending and I have experienced signs of levitation. I’ll keep you updated.
@NONUTNOVEMBER, November 2018
Day one of No Nut November has passed. / A salute to our fallen comrades who fell to the temptation of busting a Nut. You are gone but not forgotten. / *Halo theme intensifies*
@SavinTheBees, November 2018

Where does No Nut November come from?

No Nut November is a challenge that originated on the internet and it requires men to give up ejaculating for the entire month of November. Nut, in this case, refers to “ejaculating,” and it’s been used as a slang term since at least the 1970s. The challenge itself riffs on No Shave November, when men grow mustaches or beards for the month, often as part of a charitable cause.

According to the website Know Your Meme, the challenge was first posted on Urban Dictionary in 2011 by user bicboi6969696969. Originally, No Nut November focused on refraining from masturbation, though over time people added sexual intercourse to the challenge.

The rules of No Nut November vary, as some men claim that there’s a three-strike forgiveness policy and that the use of so-called “free nut” coupons is allowed. So much for going hard or go home, we suppose.

Despite appearances to the contrary, the purpose of No Nut November wasn’t, in fact, torture. Instead of wasting their time masturbating or having sex, the challenge encourages men to, you know, pick up a new hobby or learn a new language.

And, after surviving No Nut November, holiday observers are rewarded with another joking holiday: Destroy Dick December. We think that one explains itself.

Who uses No Nut November?

On social media, most men sarcastically talk about the superhuman abilities they have developed as a result of No Nut November. Some of them are..believable?

Others are more honest (maybe a little too much so?) about their struggle—and the humorous lengths they go to refrain from masturbating.  

Although nut typically refers to male orgasms, women, of course, may participate in No Nut November as well. Women may also complain about male partners participating in the challenge.

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