Super Spooky Night Time Words

Bump in the night

Nighttime is full of mystery. With its inky backdrop, eerie stillness, and hidden secrets, the evening hours are definitely mystical. While some find it alluring, others can’t wait for the sun to come back up and take that creepy feeling with it. Whether you like nightfall or not, these literary words help capture its truest form, ranging from spooky to serene, and everything in between.


The gloaming atmosphere of twilight can bring fear to many. Blackness and stillness can make for an eerie uncertainty, causing some to shiver under the covers and wait for morning to finally come.


The word fuliginous alludes to a figure that’s well-disguised in shadows, making it hard to see and know what’s really lurking. Is it a person you see or merely a floor lamp tucked in the corner? The night has a spooky way of playing tricks on you.


When an object is vanishing into the night or fading out of sight, it’s evanescent. But remember, this word – like the night and your fears – also relates to the temporary, providing a little bit of ease to even the worst scaredy cats out there.


All too often, the night sky produces clouds that create an unsettling ambiance. However, ether describes a clear sky, which makes for a grand showcase of nightfall, including the magical ambiance of the moon and stars.


When there’s something tenebrous in the night, chances are it’s going to give you the chills. Tenebrous refers to the murky and hidden, making it all the more suspenseful when you’re forced to investigate that thumping sound under your bed. 


The word horripilation describes when the hairs on your skin stand up because you’re shocked or afraid. Maybe you heard something unexpected in the night, or perhaps you saw a strange, shadowy figure that shouldn’t be there – either way, it’s terrifying, and your body isn’t shy about letting you know it.

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