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bosom buddy

or bosom friend [booz-uhm buhd-ee] or [frend]

What does bosom buddy mean?

A bosom buddy is a very close, intimate friend, one who’s always got your back and who you do and share everything with—a BFF.

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Where does bosom buddy come from?

bosom buddy

Bosom friend is recorded in the late 1500s. Back then, the bosom referred to the chest as the seat of deep emotions, though now the word usually means a woman’s “chest.” A bosom friend, then, is one you might share these deep feelings with or have deep feelings for.

Bosom buddy is an alliterative version that emerges at least by the 20th century. In the 1960s, bosom buddy was used as slang for a “gay man,” but these connotations fell off as the term spread in the 1970–80s. The 1966 musical Mame (with Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur, and 1977 film with Lucille Ball) featured a number called “Bosom Buddies,” about the play’s two close female friends.

The term was used in the early 1980s for the NBC sitcom Bosom Buddies, which starred Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari. Set in New York City, the show centered on a pair of best friends struggling in the field of creative advertising—while also pretending to be women so they could score cheap rent in a building that only allowed female residents. OK …

Among other titles, bosom buddies was used in the 1999 book by actor Rosie O’Donnell and cancer specialist Deborah Axelrod: Bosom Buddies: Lessons and Laughter on Breast Health and Cancer. It discusses concerns surrounding breast cancer.

Examples of bosom buddy

Happy birthday @StriveMasiyiwa my friend - bosom buddy chum companion mate pal accomplice "in all things good!" 💃🏾😍😘
@T_Masiyiwa, January, 2017
Republican Party has learned one thing from its bosom-buddy-pals in the LNP: blame the left. Republicans control both houses of Congress, but the shutdown is the fault of the Democrats.
@phbarratt, January, 2018

Who uses bosom buddy?

Bosom buddy can be found in many contexts, including books, speech, and on social media. Usually, the term is used to characterize a close friendship between persons of any gender, despite the contemporary associations of bosom with women and buddy with men.

Sometimes, however, bosom buddy is used to suggest two people are conspiring in some sort of corrupt or immoral activity.

As we’ve seen with sitcoms and book titles, bosom buddy is a go-to for many breast-related puns as well.

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