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[ ee-goh-tas-tik ]

What does egotastic mean?

People who are egotastic believe the world revolves all around them, and they’re not afraid to be showy about it. They’re fantastically egotistical.

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Where does egotastic come from?

When a person is extremely self-centered, we might diss them as egotistical or egomaniacal. Egotastic takes it to the next level, suggesting an almost comical degree of vanity and arrogance.

Egotastic appears to be a blend of egotistic and fantastic, in the sense of “fanciful” or “irrational.” It could also blend egotistic and its puffed-up cousin bombastic. Many other playful coinages feature –tastic, such as awesomtastic, bangtastic, or brotastic.

Who coined it? Hard to say, but it appears online in a 1999 college football Usenet thread describing a self-centered athlete. In 2001, an internet user criticized rapper LL Cool J for his “egotastic playa bullsh*t wackness.” Urban Dictionary first defined it in 2004 for anything “ego-boosting.”

In 2005, a tabloid website named Egotastic launched, known for its gossip and near-nudes of celebrity women. The website helped popularize egotastic and shade the term toward an “obnoxious display of narcissism,” perhaps thanks to the antics of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in the late 2000s. In the 2010s, egotastic has been associated with superstars like Kanye West, known for his own bizarre boasts.

Examples of egotastic

Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ And 10 More Egotastic Album Titles
Matthew Horton, NME (headline), May, 2013
You're so egotastic. I wanna slap you with a newly served sunny side egg
@blnczhai_, February 2016
People are so Egotastic or prideful nowadays that they argue about who should text/call first.... Smh
@_WaterMelonPapi, January 2015

Who uses egotastic?

 Egotastic can be a more light-hearted, enthusiastic way to describe extraordinarily egotistical behavior. The sexy celebrity website Egotastic, though, dominates use of the term online.

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