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What does gaping mean?

The verb gape is recorded as early as the 1200s, first referring to the act of opening the mouth and later expanding to refer to anything opening wide.

Which means gaping has, like so many other words, taken on sexual slang senses, where it refers to an enlarged, stretched, or relaxed anus or vagina.

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Where does gaping come from?


As we mentioned above, gaping can refer to the act of opening wide …

By 1966, we see gaping asshole, a grotesque insult for a “dolt” or “idiot.” By at least 1999, however, gaping took on more positive connotations on the sexual front, with a gape slang for “fully relaxed anus.” Vaginas are sometimes described as gaping too. No inequality here. This may be desirable, as in the case of internet porn, or insulting, implying a woman is whorish.

Examples of gaping

you might slip and we'd all be sucked into your huge gaping vagina
@katiesav98, September, 2016
If you have ever watched porn, you may have come across something called anal gaping. This is the act of having extended anal sex with the goal of opening up the anus wide for a period of time.
Ken Melvoin-Berg, Kinkly, June, 2015    

Who uses gaping?

Sex bloggers, kinky fetishists, porn enthusiasts, or other bedroom adventurers may speak of gaping anuses or vaginas. Anal gaping, in particular, is a practice among gay men.

Then, of course, there are the many non-sexual uses of the word, often referring to a mouth gaping open in shock or surprise. Holes, physical or conceptual, are also often described as gaping.

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