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jacking it in San Diego

[ jak-ing it in san dee-ey-goh ]

What does jacking it in San Diego mean?

Featured in a song on the animated TV show South Park, jacking it in San Diego means, put bluntly, masturbating publicly in the city of San Diego, California.

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Where does jacking it in San Diego come from?

Jacking it in San Diego was created for the 2012 episode of the Comedy Central animated TV show South Park. The episode, “Butterballs,” satirized director Jason Russell, who rose to fame with his organization Invisible Children and film Kony 2012—and fell into infamy after he suffered a breakdown in 2012 and was found wandering the streets of San Diego naked, shouting obscenities and masturbating (“jacking it”).

In the South Park episode, the character Stan produces a music video that features a character being paraded around the city of San Diego naked. The lyrics prominently feature the line jacking it in San Diego.

Examples of jacking it in San Diego

If i wanna go dark ill go dark if i want to go light ill go light..if i wanna go naked jacking it in san diego gonna do what the fuck i want to do..because suck it. Be true to yourself. *This exploitive laced tweet has been brought to you by i dont give a fuck. B)
@itsOceanside85, December 13, 2017
This is a truly astounding thing to witness. The only thing Howden needs to do now to complete this public implosion is get naked and go around jacking it in San Diego.
@TurtletaubQ, February 23, 2020
Why am I not jacking it in San Diego this weekend, someone slap me and make sure I make better life decisions by next year!
@RCajunTV, September 26, 2019

Who uses jacking it in San Diego?

Jacking it in San Diego is often used in reference to the South Park episode. However, some may use the phrase more generally to describe a public figure cracking under pressure.

The South Park episode became so popular that people began to use the phrase to describe Jason Russell’s breakdown, the very incident that inspired the phrase.

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