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What does Mondaze mean?

Mondaze is a blend of Monday and daze, a humorous term for the stupor some find themselves in at the start of the work week.

Mondaze can also just be a fun, intentional misspelling of Monday(s).

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Where does Mondaze come from?

The Quote Geeks

Mondaze combines Monday and daze, characterizing that feeling of being tired and unmotivated on Monday as one faces a new work or school week after the weekend.

The blend is found as early as 1993, when one, Michael B Blatz, perfectly summed up Mondaze in his little ditty on a Usenet forum:

Mondays suck…
Mondays suck…
Mondays suck…
Mondays suck so much 
that they really
bite the big one…


Mondays suck, indeed.

On the contemporary internet, Mondaze is sometimes intentionally misspelled à la the cute and ironic errors of LOLcat memes.


Even in memes, Mondaze is the perfect descriptor for that tired, out-of-it feeling you might have at the start of the work week, especially before your first cup of coffee.

Examples of Mondaze

Felt so sleepy at work now watch once I get home I won’t even be able to nap . #Mondaze
@ChelseaxMaraj, February, 2019
Using hashtags that are related to your pet and the content of your post is a great way to get organic likes and followers ... Weekly hashtags like #tongueouttuesday or #mondaze are a good call.
Stephan Rabimov, Forbes, July, 2018

Who uses Mondaze?

Sometimes, Mondaze is used as a deliberate, offbeat misspelling of Mondays for ironic or humorous effect. Other times, Mondaze is used to describe just how rough someone is feeling on Monday at work.

Ball Memes

That post-weekend haze, for some folks, is induced by smoking marijuana on, you guessed it, Monday. And so, Mondaze can also refer to getting high (and feeling dazed) on a Mondays.

When we’re really out of it, we might say we have come down with a case of the Mondaze.


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