What does muh mean?

Muh is a pronunciation of the pronoun my found in some dialects of English. Online, it can be used to portray someone as ignorant or just to sound cute and silly.

Muh is also a common way to spell the mother in motherfucker, based on its pronunciation in Black English.

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Examples of muh


Examples of muh
havnt seen muh girls in a while
@macilaurel, 2010
@JarlHamm, June, 2018
But, as it turns out, many of those who mock "muh principles" have no actual principles other than empty tribal victory.
Ben Shapiro, Investor's Business Daily, June, 2017

Where does muh come from?


In English, muh is a common pronunciation of the word my. It’s been recorded since the 18th century but almost certainly was found in everyday speech before that.

A lot of people associate muh with ignorance. In the early 2000s, people on white supremacist forums used muh to slur black people.

This malicious muh spread to sites like 4chan, incorporated into memes mocking other groups or individuals. It commonly appears in the phrase but muh feelings, often used to mock people seen as whiny, overly sensitive liberals.

Plenty of others, though, find muh endearing, using muh in place of my in LOLCat memes, whose kitties speak in deliberately bad English. The LOLCat muh helped popularize the use of muh as a more general cutesy, folksy, silly form of my.

In Black English, the word motherfucker is sometimes pronounced like muhfucker, notably written in a slew of hip-hop lyrics.

Who uses muh?

Muh can be cute.

Muh can be goofy, with a slight self-deprecating tone.

Muh can also be nasty, used to make an opponent sound stupid and complain-y.

Muh is kind of all over the muhfuckin’ place.

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