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[en-ahy-ef-oh-see] or [nahy-fok]

What does NIFOC mean?

Enjoyed by nudists and masturbators alike, NIFOC stands for naked (or nude) in front of computer. It is often used humorously and facetiously online, but you can never be too sure when it comes to the internet.

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Where does NIFOC come from?

ABC (Australia)

NIFOC, short naked in front of computer, is an internet acronym found in Usenet postings dating back to 1990.

It became more widespread online by 1995, used jokingly in some internet forums and chats—and not-so-jokingly in the context of cybersex or viewing internet pornography. This is not to mention the nudist/naturist computing subculture, who launched the website in 2001.

NIFOC also pops up in contemporary internet slang, though mostly as a humorous way to imply masturbating to porn—or a clumsy way to sext

Examples of NIFOC

is partially NIFOC, eating peanut butter straight outta the jar. Should shower, but this feels too pleasant for the time being.
@snrang, March 2009
Social media users have been quick to mock the list of codes – including “NIFOC” for “Naked in front of computer” - claiming to have “never heard of them”.
Lauren Fruen, The Sun, March 2017
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Who uses NIFOC?

NIFOC is used mostly by pranksters who want everyone to think (or know) they are, well, online and in their birthday suit…

…and by lame parents/out-of-touch journalists who are just now learning dated 1990s chatroom acronyms.

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