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rage farming

[ reyj fahr-ming ]

What is rage farming?

Rage farming is a slang term for the political tactic of intentionally provoking political opponents in order to create or increase exposure for one’s group or cause. The tactic is especially associated with conservative and far-right political groups.

The term rage farming is always used in a critical way. It is typically applied to the act of posting intentionally inflammatory content or otherwise trolling political opponents online with the goal of eliciting a large number of angry responses, thus leading to widespread exposure for the original poster. However, the term may be applied to practices other than online posts, such as making inflammatory comments in interviews or speeches that will be widely covered by the media.

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Where does rage farming come from?

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The original use of the verb phrase rage farm to refer to a political tactic is often credited to researcher John Scott-Railton, who used it (in the form rage farmed) in a January 2022 Twitter post in reference to inflammatory online posts like those that had been recently made by the Texas GOP Twitter account.


The term was popularized by a January 2022 article in The Atlantic by Molly Jang-Fast titled “Owning the Libs Is the Only GOP Platform.” The term is thought to have gained popularity in part due to giving a name to a practice recognized as increasingly common by political observers, especially in the context of social media.

In rage farming, the term farming is used in a figurative way that’s similar to how it’s used in terms for other practices, such as data farming.

Examples of rage farming

Someone just asked “why do politicians keep trolling on Twitter?” Because their rage-farming is so extraordinarily effective; that’s why.
@JustinRosenth11, January 27, 2022
What I see here with rage farming is the distilled tactic of this strategy for social media … A lot of people experience social media as a 24-hour cage fight.
Molly Jong-Fast, The Atlantic, January 12, 2022

Who uses rage farming?

The term rage farming is used by critics of the political tactic, which is closely associated with conservative and far-right political groups.

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