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What does roasties mean?

Nope. We’re not talking about potatoes. We’re talking about immature dudes and coarse slang for the vulva.

Roasties is sexist slang used by incels and others in the male internet culture for sexually active womenor really just women in general. The slang is based on roast beef curtains, which compares pronounced and elongated labia to the meat.   

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Where does roasties come from?


Until about 2015, roasties was just an innocent colloquial British (as well as sometimes Irish and Australian) term for crispy, yummy, roasted potatoes. Then the male internet culture utterly ruined the term.

Boiling over in the 2010s was the so-called incel movement, a male subculture online that blamed women for the fact that they aren’t getting any action. Much of their steam picked up on a 4chan message board called /r9k/, where the slang term roasties emerged and spread to other corners of the internet manosphere.

One widely shared screenshot was of a post from an anonymous riffing on Smash Mouth’s song “All Star.” The mock-lyrics featured the term roasties, comparing the vagina of a loose women to Arby’s roast beef sandwiches. Roasties, here, is a reference to the vulgar slang and characterization of women’s labia as roast beef curtains.


Roasties quickly fit into the larger sexist lexicon of masculinist culture, who label sexually successful men things like bluepilled normalfag or Chads and the women who have sex with them Stacys and femoids. Roasties was entered onto Urban Dictionary in August 2015 and debuted on Twitter that November.

Examples of roasties

Arby's needs to run a "roasties for incels" ad campaign.  
@HbdNrx, May, 2018    
This is what happens to a society when it becomes low-trust and "individualistic". Western white men don't feel a responsibility to risk their safety over feminists / The age of ladies & gentlemen is gone, the age of soyem and roasties is upon us 🧙‍♂️
@GeeComfy, June, 2018
The jargon of misogyny includes “hamster” (a “female” who jumps through mental hoops to avoid cognitive dissonance), "AWALT" (all women are like that), “roastie” (a repulsive word comparing roast beef to female genitalia), “pussy pass” (women are let off for illegal behavior), alpha/beta distinctions in attractiveness, and so on. The age of ladies & gentlemen is gone, the age of soyem and roasties is upon us.
Aditi Natasha Kini, Vice, November, 2017

Who uses roasties?

Roasties is a common insult among men on masculinist forums like Reddit and 4chan as well as sites like Lookism and Some of these men identify as incels. Others as MGTOW, or Men Going Their On Way.

Regardless of particular identification, they all have one thing in common: They blame women for their problems, compelling them to use sexist language like roasties not only to slur women they perceive as promiscuous, but all women in general.

Some in the manosphere, in fairness, condemn use of terms like roastiesFemale members of the incel watchdog subreddit r/IncelTears occasionally refer to themselves as roasties ironically.

Dang it! My roastie Stacy status is found out again!

Haven’t even posted to r/inceltears in a couple weeks. I had made a comment about being a “walking bushel of pubes” on a post in a completely different subreddit and it apparently caught someone’s attention.

If you need a chaser for all this, go to the UK or British internet, where plenty of folks are still cooking up some good, clean roasties.

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